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Cover for Displacement

Debut graphic novel "Displacement," out August 4, 2020 from First Second.

Cover for The Ghosts We Are

"The Ghosts We Are and the Ghosts We Will Become" - comic featured in Shortbox #6

"Origami," AtLA - Team Avatar Tales

Excerpt from story featured in official Avatar: The Last Airbender - Team Avatar Tales anthology.

Cover for Gravity Assist

Cover for "Gravity Assist," short comic.

"Breathe," Elements Anthology: Fire

Excerpt from "Breathe," featured in the Elements Anthology: Fire.

Cover for Mount St. Helens

Cover for short comic "Mount St. Helens."

Excerpt from "Explorer"

Textless excerpt from short comic "Explorer."

Excerpt from "So I Am"

First page of short comic "So I Am." Content warning for body horror.

Excerpt from "Twins: Part 1"

Excerpt from short comic series "Twins."

Excerpt from "Sofia"

Excerpt from short comic "Sofia."

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